General Questions

  1. What is bidnow.lk ?

  2. bidnow.lk is an auction site that allows buyers or sellers from any part of Sri Lanka to buy and sell anything anytime anywhere. Find what you are looking for fast, or sell used products or brand new products at the best price via your web and mobile.

    bidnow.lk facilitates sellers to auction their products online. Also Buyers can bid for auctions that are available on the site. Highest bidder will be selected automatically. Winning bidder will have the option to pay a reservation fee and collect the product from seller or pay full amount + delivery and get it delivered to anywhere in Sri Lanka via a courier company.

  3. How do I register to sell or buy (bid) ?

    • Seller or Buyer can login via their social logins (Facebook, Google, Yahoo ) or Register with bidnow.lk.
    • If you are a first time user, you must complete the one time registration (registration is free).
    • Select whether you want to become a Seller or a Buyer or both.
    • Provide Address, NIC, and other details and verify your mobile number.
    • Sellers must provide their Bank Account Details to which payments should be remitted.
    • All users must agree to the standard bidnow.lk terms & conditions.
    • Provide consent to receive promotional alerts (if required).
    • Finally, Click on Register.
    • You will receive an e-mail confirming seller/buyer registration.
    • Once registered you can change some of your profile details anytime by login via your social logins.

  4. What can I auction on bidnow.lk ?

  5. You can find or sell any products relating to below categories;

    • BOOKS

  6. Is there a fee to get started ?

    • Not at all. You can list your auction Items free of charge on Bidnow.lk and you can bid on any auction.

  7. How do I contact bidnow.lk ?

  8. Click here to see our Contact information.

  9. How do I search ?

    • To search on bidnow.lk , you may enter the keywords into the search bar.


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  10. What is a bid ?

  11. A bid is an indication of willingness to buy goods, at a specific price and within a specific timeframe.

  12. How do I bid ?

  13. Bidding is easy. Simply hover over a product you are interested in buying and or click "Bid Now”.

    Please note that in order to bid, you must be first registered as a buyer.

    • This will take you to the product detail page which will appear; you must read all the product information provided by the seller before submitting a bid price.
    • Buyer must enter a bid price at least Rs. 10 over and above the current bid.
    • Page will show you a minimum amount to bid, based on the next bid increment. You may also enter a different higher amount.

  14. What are bid increments ?

  15. This is the difference between current bid and the new bid to be placed. In bidnow.lk LKR 10 is the minimum bid increment and maximum bid increment is 50% of the current bid.

    (For example: if the current bid price for a product is Rs. 1000, you would have to place your next bid between Rs. 1010 and 1500.)

    bidnow.lk will always suggest the next starting bid price. A buyer can bid any amount over and above the next starting bid suggested. However buyer cannot place consecutive bids on the same auction item.

  16. Can I bid on the same item again ?

    • Yes you can login to the site and keep bidding for the same item every time your bid is over bid by another, till the auction time ends
    • However, the bidding price should be a price you are willing to pay

  17. Can I cancel or withdraw my bid ?

    All bids once placed online are binding and cannot be cancelled or withdrawn.

  18. How do I view the auctions that I have bid on ?

    Once you are logged in, you can go to My Auctions tab and view all the auctions that you have bid on.

  19. How would I know the status of my bid ?

    If you have bid on an auction item, you will be notified via SMS whenever you are overbid

    You will also get a notification if you are the winning bidder and one of our agents will also call to inform.

  20. What do you mean by ‘overbid’ ?

    After you have bid on an auction item you may get a notification via SMS that you have been overbid.

    This means that someone else has offered a higher bid price for the product that you were interested in. This also means that another person will get the product if you do not offer a bid higher than the current bid.

    Once you are logged in, you can click on bid now and make a better offer if you are really interested in owning this product.

  21. How do I contact seller ?

    You cannot contact the seller directly even if you are the winner, until the auction closes and payment is confirmed.

    You may have to rely on the information seller has provided about the product.

  22. If I have a question about an auction, what do I do ?

    bidnow.lk team can help you get clarifications- Click on Contact us- and write to us with all your queries. We will check with the seller and revert.

  23. What is your delivery policy ?

    bidnow.lk provides pick up and delivery services to any part of Sri Lanka.

    Sellers and buyers are required to provide their address and location at the point of registration.

    Delivery charges are subject to change without prior notice. Current delivery charges applicable for Delivery Island wide shall be as follows:

    Weight- kg Up to 10kg 10.1 to 25kg 25.1 to 50kg 50.1 to 100kg
    Delivery Charge - Rs 500 750 1250 2000
    Return Charge - Rs 500 750 1250 2000

    Click here to see Delivery Terms in detail.

    Buyers are responsible for paying all delivery costs, which in turn may depend on the weight of the product.

    The product shall be delivered to the buyer within 3 - 5 working days from the time the product is collected from the seller.

    If a product returns due to quality being misrepresented by the seller, seller is bound to pay delivery charges.

  24. Why did an auction end before its end time ?

    An auction may end at specified end time, or simply because a buyer bid on the maximum price for that auction.

  25. As the winning bidder how can I pay for an item I’ve won ?

    After the close of an auction, you will receive an automated email from bidnow.lk, if you are the winning bidder. The email will contain a unique link to a web page for you to begin the payment process.

  26. As the winning bidder how do I get the product to my hand ?

    Once you click on the unique link, you will be prompted to select your preferred method of collecting the product

      a.Pick up from Seller

    If you select this option, you can pay just a reservation fee = 12% of the winning bid price and meet the Seller to pick up the product where you would settle the rest of the product price to the seller directly (Seller details will be shared)

      b.Get it delivered

    If you select this option you are required to pay full winning bid price and the delivery cost on the site.

    You could enter your delivery address & location, and select preferred payment mode.

  27. Why do some auction items have ‘Buyer Pickup from the Seller’ option only ?

    This is because the Seller or BidNow.lk has specified that the buyer must pick up the product from Seller location.

    This may be because;

      1.the product is over 100kg or

      2.It’s a product that is difficult to transport in good condition.

    If you bid on such an auction item and win, you will pay 12% Reservation Fee to bidnow.lk , and meet seller to pay the rest of the amount and collect the goods.

  28. What are the payment modes available ?

    • Visa, Master or Amex Credit cards
    • Visa or Master Debit cards (If your bank permits)
    • eZ Cash

  29. How do I get a refund ?

  30. There is a no refund policy in the site.

    However since the transaction was between you and the seller, you may contact the seller for any issues that you may have with the product and come to an amicable settlement.

    Reservation fee will not be refunded.


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  1. What are the benefits of posting an auction item via bidnow.lk ?

  2. You can get the very best price for your product without the hassle of handling many calls from potential as well as non-potential buyers. bidnow.lk picks the best deal for you from the serious buyers.

    What’s more the buyer can get it delivered to his location by paying a nominal delivery fee.

    Below features are made available to the Seller.

    • Product Description of 100 Characters
    • Maximum of 8 product images of image size up to 5MB per image
    • Up to 14 days Auctioning period
    • Setting your own minimum price
    • Periodic SMS Alerts about the current highest bid

  3. How do I list an item for auction ?

  4. If you are a registered seller,

    (You must register as a seller to list an item for sale.)

    • Click on the button 'Post Auction' and
    • Enter the product details and Upload any images (You can upload up to 8 images. The maximum file size per image is 5MB.)
    • Mention the minimum price of the item you are Selling (if there are more than one item, post each item as as a single item with a minimum price. Multiunit auctions are not available. If you are offering in bulk to one buyer, the bulk price should be mentioned.)
    • Preview your auction Item. Confirm and Post Auction Item.
    • You may post as many items as you like as separate Auction items.

    Your Auction Item will be published within 24 hours or next working day after review by BidNow.lk team.

  5. How do I upload photos ?

  6. You can upload by clicking upload button, and from your PC or mobile folder select up to 8 images of the product.

    You may upload file types of jpeg, bmp, png

    The maximum size per image should be less than 5MB

  7. I am having trouble uploading photos ?

  8. The most common issue may be due to size limitation.

    You may have to reduce size via MS photo editor or Photoshop or other photo editing software.

    If you are still having trouble Contact us via email.

  9. What is the meaning of ‘Buyer picks up’ ?

  10. If you (Seller) select this option when listing an auction item, the buyer must meet you to pick up the product.

    Buyer will pay 12% Reservation Fee to bidnow.lk, and meet you to pay the rest of the amount and collect the goods.

    You may select this option if the product is over 100kg or if it’s a product that is difficult to transport in good condition.

  11. When will my auction start ?

  12. After you post the auction item, bidnow.lk team will validate and approve the auction item (within 24 hours or next working day). Within 5 minutes upon approval your auction will start.

  13. What are your working hours ?

  14. Our working hours are from Monday to Saturday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

  15. Can I edit an auction after it has been approved ?

  16. No. Upon approval your auction is live. After an auction has started you cannot edit the auction item.

  17. Can I cancel an auction after it has started ?

  18. You can cancel an auction any time after it has started by going to My Auctions> Click ‘Withdraw’ under Actions

    You must be logged in to Withdraw an auction item.

    If you Withdraw an auction item the auction cannot be restarted. If you want to re-commence the auction, item must be re-posted with correct descriptions.

  19. My auction item was won by a buyer. How do I contact the buyer ?

  20. Once the buyer confirms required payments your details will be shared to the buyer and the buyer will contact you.

    If buyer has opted to get the product delivered bidnow.lk delivery team will contact you.

  21. Is there a fee to sell ?

  22. bidnow.lk retains a 12% commission fee based on the winning bid price.

  23. When will I (Seller) get paid ?

  24. After retaining a 12% commission fee, the remainder will be paid to the seller;

    • By the buyer if buyer comes to pick up the product.
    • By bidnow.lk via a direct payment to your bank account, within 10 working days of completing transaction.

    Account & Billing info

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  1. I do not receive emails and SMS from bidnow.lk ?

  2. bidnow.lk emails are automatically generated, from support@ bidnow.lk. These emails may include bid confirmations, outbid notifications, sold notifications, and unsold notifications. Sometimes, these messages may be accidentally marked as spam by your email server. Check your junk mail or spam folder, and/or add support@ bidnow.lk to your list of contacts.

    Alternatively, please check the email address registered to your account to confirm that it is entered correctly

    If you are not receiving SMS, please check with your network operator.

  3. I lost my login details ?

  4. Click on Forgot Password option in the Login page. You will receive instructions to reset your password.

    If you had logged in via any of the social logins provided, you must follow the recovery options of the relevant social network (Yahoo, Google or Facebook)

    If your account is hacked by an unauthorised party, to ensure that no one else uses your account, inform us to deactivate your account and re-register on bidnow.lk or login with a different social login.

  5. How do I update my profile details, address, bank details etc.?

  6. You could login and go to <My Profile> edit and confirm changes- Your profile will be updated.

  7. How do I report a buyer or seller not completing the transaction ?

  8. Contact us via email with your auction reference number.